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whitekyurem's Journal

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10 November 1994
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I love nearly EVERYTHING that's Japanese or comes from Japan. In fact, it is my goal to someday live there.

I'm currently studying languages like French, German and Japanese.

I love playing Videogames like: The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon...

I'm a picky collector of Japanese Pokémon Center goodies like plushes, figures or charms! But I also like Custom Pokémon plushes!
My favourite Pokémon are イーブイ(Eevee), サンダース(Jolteon), ブラッキー(Umbreon) ミュウ(Mew), バクフーン(Thyplosion), ミジュマル(Oshawott), ダイケンキ(Samurott), レシラム(Reshiram), and ホワイトキュレム(White Kyurem). I like lots more but this ones are my faves ^-^

But that's not the only things I collect, I also collect Harvest Moon and The Legend of Zelda goodies ^-^

I hope to make lots of friends here!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
anime, collect japanese pokémon goods, learn about japan, listen videogames' soundtracks..., manga, play videogames

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