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Hi everyone, this is the claims post for a box of shiny Hoenn Kids figures in brand new condition. The main box was opened but all the Kids figures are brand new unopened from their plastic bags. The lot is a bit expensive and I do not want all 25, so I thought it would be a good idea splitting the set and at the same time give people an opportunity to get some rare shiny Kids figures ^-^

First, rules and info!

- Sales Permission granted by dewott on 09/03/2012.

- My Feedback:

- I do not tolerate backing out without a reason once you've committed to buy, if you do I'll have to leave Negative Feedback =(.

- Payments are through PayPal ONLY.

- There will be 2 payments. The first one will be due now (as soon as all are claimed I will proceed to ask the Payment 1) and it is the actual price for the items (which already include part of the middleman fees) + PP fees. The second payment will be the total of the shipping from the middleman to me plus the shipping from me to you and PP fees. The second payment post will be posted as soon as the GB arrives to me.

- When you commit to buy please let me know to which country the shipping will be to as well, so I'll be able to prepare the totals for Payment 2 as soon as the items arrive.

Claims (remebmer that all of them are in brand new condition, so this is a pretty rare opportunity)!

Treecko $28 --> whitekyurem
Grovyle $32 --> whitekyurem
Sceptile $50 --> whitekyurem
Torchic $28 --> caterpie
Combusken $32 -->
Blaziken $50 -->
Mudkip $28 -->
Marshtomp $32 -->
Swampert $50 -->
Latias $60 --> whitekyurem
Latios $60 -->
Wailord $22 -->
Lotad $20 -->
Corphish $20 -->
Beautifly $30 -->
Cacnea $20 -->
Taillow $22 -->
Flygon $50 --> whitekyurem
Dustox $25 -->
Absol $50 --> whitekyurem
Seviper $25 --> toxeon89
Skitty $28 --> whitekyurem
Plusle $30 -->
Minun $30 -->
Roselia $30 -->


Any questions feel free to ask ^-^


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IMPORTANT! This is my Videogame / Manga / Anime Sales Post, if you're interested in Pokémon goodies please CLICK HERE to go to that sales post, thanks.

First, the Rules!
Sales Permission granted by dewott on 09/03/2012.
My Feedback:
All pkmncollectors Community rules apply. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to you if you have Negative feedback or are banned from pkmncollectors.
I ship from Spain, and I ship Worldwide. Please ask for shipping quotes before committing if you're worried about costs.
I only accept Paypal. Please send payments as Goods, and include in the memo your LJ username, so I know who you are, and the items you're buying. This helps keeping everything organized ^-^
Since I live in Europe, all prices are calculated in EUR, then converted to USD. Prices do not include shipping/materials/fees unless otherwise stated. Please ask for total if interested. When asking for total, please include your country and any special packaging requests so I can calculate total accurately.
I only ship via Spain's Mail, using Ordinary Mail (without tracking). Please ask for Registered Mail if you want so. Shipping will be cheaper if you're in Europe. International shipping, on the other hand, is a bit high.
I usually re-use shipping materials like bags, bubble wrap and especially boxes to try and keep the costs low. But, this isn't always possible. Please let me know if you would like the item/items to be packed in a particular way. Otherwise I will pack the items however I see fit to keep shipping prices as lower as possible while giving them enough protection.
I am not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items after the package has been sent out. As I said, I will do my best to ensure everything is well-packed and protected, but I can't do anything to avoid mail service's package mistreatment or lack of care.
I'm open to haggling, but please keep it within reason. I reserve the right to refuse your offer if I feel it's too low, please don't be offended if your offer gets refused. If another person is interested in the same item and is willing to pay my asked price, they will have priority.
I do not tolerate backing out from sales without a reason once you've committed to buy, if you do I'll have to leave Negative Feedback =(.
I will only hold items for 24 hours, if I receive no word or payment after that the item will be put back for sale and be available to others.

Shipping day once a week ^-^


Marth Amiibo MIB $30
Yoshi Amiibo MIB $14

PS Vita God Eater 2 Rage Burst First Print Edition with Blood Arts download code and Aragami Orochi downlode code (Jpn) MIP $85

Yoshi Wii Remote Plus MIP $38

Wii Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Jpn) MIP $80

PS Vita Sword Art Online Lost Song Premium Limited Edition BOX (Jpn) MIP $140

Black European Nintendo GameCube + 1 black controller + 3 Pokémon Games (Colosseum, XD and Channel) + 2 memory cards. Used condition, console comes without box but the games are complete and look like new, everything works perfectly fine $120


Attack on Titan Levi Nendoroid MIB (+3 BONUS Kotobukiya Straps) $50


New Crayon Shin Chan Manga / Comic Volumes 1 and 2 Japanese Brand new, unread both for $14
*** Sorry, I won't split them

The Twilight Saga: Twilight Japanese Light Novels Volumes 1 and 2 (they include some Manga style scenes!) Brand new, unread both for $20
*** Sorry, I won't split them

Sukitte Iinayo (Say I Love You) Volumes 1 to 12 SET Japanese Brand new, unread $80
*** Sorry, I won't split them

Current Location: Spain

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